March 31, 2009

Dock Fishing

After fishing the BFL on Saturday we headed up to Orlando to visit some of my family who were in town from Washington. Orlando was only an hour away so Tanya and I drove up to meet my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins who were spending a few weeks there. Sunday we went to visit my great uncle who lived in the area. I was excited to hear that he lived on a lake and had a dock in front of his house...I was thinking how I would try to sneak away and fish for a bit.

The day was kind of dreary with a little wind and rain that would stop and start just enough to keep the sun from coming out. Tanya and I kept looking out the window at the lake and finally decided to grab our rods and start fishing. I couldn't believe what happened when we started. Tanya got one on her frog on her first cast. As she was reeling it in, I caught one on a 5" Mizmo Quiver Stick in Green Pumpkin. Both of us caught one on our first cast, I have never seen anything like it. I ended up catching quite a few on the Quiver Stick, with most of them being in the 1-2 pound range. I tried using some other lures, like a spinnerbait, topwater, and even a swimbait, but the fish didn't want to chase anything that day. I was basically casting the bait out and letting it sit for a long period of time, and then slowly bringing it in a few feet.

The best part of the day was watching my cousin Jack catch his own bass. After we started catching them, everyone came out and wanted to try. Jack was using the same bait and caught this bass, the biggest bass he has ever caught. I really enjoy showing other people how to catch fish, especially kids. The fishing was pretty good that day and we able to get two other kids to catch a bass.

What fishing trip would be complete without a story of the one that got away. I had one hooked that was close to 5 pounds, and had it most of the way in before it came loose. My aunt got this great pic of the fish jumping.

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