March 30, 2009

Talk about disappointing...

Well Saturday was the BFL tournament on the Kissimmee River I have been looking forward to for weeks. Everything was going to be perfect, and I was supposed to be bringing home a big check and even bigger trophy. But things didn't work out as I had hoped.

Friday I arrived at the Wal-Mart parking lot for the BFL registration and tournament pairings meeting. I saw a few friends and anxiously waited for my name to be called so I could meet my partner for the tournament and then head to the hotel to try to get some sleep. I was paired up with a great fisherman, he had finished 2nd in the last two events he knows what he's doing. He said we would catch fish, and that they will bite whatever you feel like throwing. This is the best scenario for a co-angler, a great draw who is on fish.

Saturday morning was windy from the start....I never feel great about the day ahead when the wind is blowing at 5 a.m., because chances are its only gonna get worse....and it did. We launched and made the run to Lake Toho, which is about 30 mins. This includes driving through Lake Kissimmee, Lake Hatch-ineha, and Cypress Lake and then locking through a dam. I was excited to go fish Toho, this is the site of Dean Rojas and his 45lb 2 oz bag in 2001...that's a 9 pound average!

I fished hard all day and was only able to catch two tiny keepers, and weighed in 2lbs 1oz. I caught my "hawgs" on a Secret Weapon 3/8oz QuickStrike Spinnerbait in Chart/White with one gold and one silver willow blade. I have to be thankful I caught anything, it was windy and tough to fish out there. My partner for the day did good, he caught a 8lb fish in the morning with 4 other keepers and ended up getting a check. I ended up finishing in 52nd place out of 95. I dropped a few places in the points and am now in 25th, which is still well in the range of qualifying for the regionals this fall.
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