June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning Fishing

I woke up early today...and the first thing I thought of was catching the morning bite. We jumped out of bed and grabbed some coffee and started fishing the canals, ponds and any water we could find in town. My first fish of the morning was on a Snag Proof Tournament Series Frog in Watermelon. This is the bait that got me hooked on frog fishing.

We headed to the next stop and the sun was beating down, it was 86 degrees and humid at 8 a.m. The fish were definitely in slow mode. I caught one on a spinnerbait. Notice the cars in the background. This pond is on a busy street. Urban fishing at it's best. Actually my work is right across the street.

As I continued down the shoreline I saw this sign and started paying a little closer attention to the ground I was walking on. I'm not a big fan of snakes, so I didn't fish too much longer.

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