July 21, 2009

Brand New from Black Dog Bait Co.

Black Dog Baits burst onto the bass fishing scene a few years ago with premium wooden swimbaits like the Shellcracker and Lunker Punker. They are a Northern Cali company but have become popular across the country. Grant Olguin and Jeremy Anderson have cornered a niche in the swimbait scene but are continuously coming up with new ideas for baits.

The first new bait released was the Small Cracker, a mini size of the popular Shellcracker. This bait will be great for Northern locations where a big bait isn't always necessary. The small cracker will be injection molded in plastic but will have the same characteristics as the big bait but will have a retail of just $19.99.

The popular Weed Slinger soft plastic swimbait has also gone under a re-design, with a reduced tail fin to make the bait retrieve better at slow speeds.

At the last of the new additions, is a soft plastic bait meant for flipping and pitching: Mr. Flippy. What an appropriate name for this cool new bait! The claws on the bait are a patent-pending design that is meant to pound back and forth as it is retrieved.

Black Dog continues to be innovative and will no doubt continue to do so. Check them out when you need that kicker fish.
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