July 23, 2009

Buckeye Lures - Flick It!

If you haven't heard of the flick shake technique, you are definitely missing out. It has become popular across the country as a great way to catch bass. Many companies are now coming out with hooks designed specifically for the technique.

One of these companies is Georgia based Buckeye Lures, known mostly for their Spot Remover shakyheads and their famous Mop Jigs. Their version of the flick shake head is called the Flick-It.

It comes with a premium Gamakatsu hook and is available in three sizes and three colors. My favorite is the 3/32 oz size in black. One thing they did was to make the head a regular football head, so it has great action and versatility if you plan to fish it on rocky bottoms. All of the jigheads come with a single wire weedguard that will last longer than some of the other brands I have tried that just have a single fiber strand. I have found that those will often break off after just a few fish.

With a Pro-Staff that includes Davy Hite and Anthony Gagliardi, you have to take a good look at Buckeye and their great products.

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