July 25, 2009

My 2009 Forrest Wood Cup Picks

Next week 77 anglers will fish Pittsburg and the rivers that run through the city chasing a million dollar paycheck (if they own a Ranger), if not it's only $500k. This is the same river system that produced just 12lbs-15 oz for 3 days for winner KVD at the 2005 Bassmaster Classic. Needless to say, expectations for big bass and huge stringers aren't very high. But no matter what they weigh, someone is still going to make some serious cash next week. The tournament doesn't start until next Thursday and runs through Sunday, but I wanted to narrow the 77 anglers down to my Top 7 favorites.

  1. Cody Meyer - The Cup has been won by alot of young Western Pros (Clausen, Ehrler and Bennett) in just the last few years. The trend has been every other year, but I'm thinking he's gonna win this one.
  2. Ike - He snuck into the event and should use his experience from 05 to have an advantage...plus he's Mike Iaconelli. How could you not pick him?
  3. Dave Lefebre - He's a PA native and should do well here.
  4. Luke Clausen - Fishes well on the big stage and when the most money is on the line.
  5. Brett Hite - Another Western guy used to tough fishing in the desert.
  6. Robert Harkness - Qualified through the Federation, but is basically a local.
  7. Ron Shuffield - He was there for the Classic in 2005 and might have an edge.
What are your picks?
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