July 18, 2009

The Phat Frog

I just got my first look at the Phat Frog....WOW! This bait is awesome. Snag Proof came out with 8 new colors for the bait, with a few more on the way. Bassmaster Elite Pro Ish Monroe designed the colors and came up with the names, and they are quite unique.

How can you make a great frog even better? The biggest improvement Snag Proof made was to make this bait sinkproof. The way they did it was very innovative, with what they call I.T.T. (Inner-tube Technology). There is a enclosed tube that runs the length of the hook from the line tie to the hook exit that is entirely closed off from the main body of the bait. By doing this, it makes it impossible for water to enter the body chamber. This eliminates the need to squeeze water out of the frog every few casts and makes the bait sit like it is supposed to, right on top.

Ish also wanted to make the bait a little heavier so it could cast further. Instead of the standard 1/2 oz size, this bait weighs in at .67 oz, just enough extra weight to get longer casts.

The legs are also positioned closer together in between the hooks. This makes the bait walk better and eliminates the problem of the tails wrapping around the hooks when skipping the bait under trees and docks.

One more improvement was flattening the entire body, which also allows for greater walking action. When the bait is sitting still, the front of the bait tilts up slightly, so when you start walking the bait it will make a subtle splash as it walks side to side.

The baits are due to go into production in the fall, just in time for that late season frog action. I almost forgot to include the awesome color names, they are from left to right: Iced Out, Purple Kush, Sexy Ish, Chronic, Buck Nasty, Da Man, Platinum Plus, and Papa Midnight. Get with your local tackle store and tell them you want the Phat Frog!

Stay tuned for a complete review once I can get on the water.

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