July 18, 2009

Bobby Lane on Flipping

Bobby Lane is one of the best in the world at flipping and pitching baits in heavy cover. I witnessed this first hand when I drew him in a tournament earlier this year. I had the chance to talk with him recently and asked him what advice he would have for someone new to flipping, here's what he had to say: "People really underestimate flipping. You need to make sure you do it right if your going to do it. Don't use anything less than 65lb Spiderwire Ultracast Braid. You also need to realize that with flipping you are never going to get alot of bites, you should be fishing each day for 5-7 bites. If you are in an area where you are getting alot of bites, it's the wrong area and the fish won't be big enough to win." He went on to add that people should "change up weight sizes and colors, one day it might be a 1 oz black weight, but the next day the fish would bite better with a heavier weight or a shiny weight". Great advice Bobby, Thanks again!

Bobby also told me about his latest project, an online tackle website with all of the best gear that the Elite guys are using. It is a great site with hard to find baits at great, low prices. Check it out. It's called the Fisherman's Toybox.

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