August 2, 2009

Greg Hackney is The 1 Million.....I Mean $500k Winner


The FLW Tour's Championship event, the Forrest Wood Cup ended today and it was just as expected...tough. The anglers struggled for four days to find bass in the three rivers that flow through Pittsburg. The fishing was difficult, but as always there has to be a winner. The champion of the dink-fest was Greg Hackney, a Bassmaster Elite Series pro who qualified for the Cup by fishing the FLW Series Eastern Division. His total weight for the final two days was 9lbs-90z (9 fish) and he edged fellow Bassmaster Elite Angler Mike Iaconelli who had 9lbs-6oz (9 fish). Ike qualified by fishing the Stren Northern Division last year and then by finishing as the highest in his division at the Stren Championship last fall.

I think FLW would have much rather had one of their own Ranger owners win this event. I know they would also love to give out $1 Million instead of $500k, it just sounds better when they are promoting the tour. I assume that Hackney won't get as much publicity and coverage on the sites as Michael Bennet and Scott Suggs did the last two years. These guys were all over the last two years, and again I'm sure you won't see "The Hack Attack" anywhere. Both Hackney and Ike are former Ranger owners who switched to other boats while on the Elite Series.

Out of the 77 angler field, I counted 4 Elite Series Pros: Hackney (1st), Iaconelli (2nd), Tommy Biffle (20th) and Takahiro Omori (21st). It was a good showing for the B.A.S.S. Elite Anglers and made me wonder if there is a difference in the quality of the anglers that are fishing Elite Series vs. FLW Tour. I know the FLW Tour has some amazing fisherman, even quite a few that used to be with B.A.S.S, but this was pretty convincing to have 1st and 2nd come from the Elite guys.

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