August 3, 2009

Bill Lowen on River Fishing in the Summer

The FLW Cup just ended this weekend, and the three rivers proved how tough river fishing can be in the summertime. It takes time to learn the nuances of river fishing and where fish position themselves when the current is flowing.

Elite Series Pro Bill Lowen is know for his skills at river fishing, he is definitely a "river rat". He grew up fishing the Ohio River and learned to excel at fishing the river systems in his area. Recently I had the chance to talk to him and see if he could offer any tips on fishing river systems.

I asked him what advice he would have for someone who is fishing a river in the Summer. He said "No matter where you live, in the North or the South, river bass are always going to pull out to the river ledges in the Summer." He added that "you need to look for banks that are going to have cooler temps and more baitfish." River fish are naturally current oriented so he said "to look for hard structure in shallow water". This can be everything from rocks, wood, or any manmade structure that helps to break the current and provide ambush points for bass.

This is great advice from someone who has proved their skills on bass in river systems. Try his tips out the next time you head to a river to catch some bass.

Tomorrow I will review an innovative product by one of Bill's sponsors, the Rod Guard.
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