August 4, 2009

The Rod Guard

When new products come out, it usually takes something amazing for me to impressed. One product that passed my test is The Rod Guard. I have only lost one rod and reel combo, but it is always one of my biggest fears. When we spend the kind of money these combos cost, losing one can hurt. Why not just buy a product that only costs less than your favorite crankbait and can be used for up to four rods? That is pretty cheap insurance if you ask me.

I thought The Rod Guard would affect how I fish, but after talking to Bill Lowen and using it myself, I see that it doesn't change a thing. The Rod Guard is really easy to use and weighs next to nothing. It won't make the rod too heavy or get in your way at all. You really forget it is there after using it for a minute. You can see three of the ways it can be used below. I have all different types of rods, so I cut one piece in half and used it on my split grip Shimano Cumara. With the other half, I attached it to the front of my frog rod. With the other one that comes in the package, I used the whole thing on my flippin' stick since it weighs more.

You can buy them from Doug's Tournament Tackle of buy direct from Rod Guard. Check it out, you will be impressed.

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