August 26, 2009

Snag Proog Frog Modification

Usually the best way to fish a frog is right out the package. With the improvements companies like Snag Proof have made, they have already been tweaked enough that they are good to go. For example the Bobby's Perfect Frog was designed the way Bobby Barrack modified the original Tournament Series Frog. The new Ish Phat Frog was changed by Ish Monroe to make the improvements he was looking for.

Yesterday, fellow frog fanatic, Dan Barker emailed me some pics of a frog he had modified to make it even more appealing. What he did was to remove the rubber legs and replace them with feathers and mylar. This created a unique change to an already great bait. I am sure the action of the bait will be much different and I know it will work. It looks simple enough, and I am thinking of doing this to some of my retired frogs.

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