August 6, 2009

What's a Skippy Fish?

I love using a soft plastic bait like a Mizmo Diamond Darter Fluke or the original Zoom Super Fluke. It always seems to come up in the clutch for me when I need another fish or two to fill out my limits. One new company has put a spin on the fluke and made it much easier to skip under trees, docks and anything else that hangs over the water. The new company is called Skippy Fish. They created a sensation at recent fishing trade shows and are now making their way into dealers around the country.

I got my first chance to use the bait a few weeks ago and it is definitely as advertised. Not only can you fish it like a traditional soft plastic jerkbait, but you can also skip under overhangs with ease. It has to do with how the bait is built, with a longer tail section and wider tail allows the bait to skip and create quite a commotion on the surface.

It comes in two sizes and ten great colors. For me, I always go with the watermelon with red flake or the shad patterns. They work everywhere! You can check out Skippy Fish by clicking below:

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