August 7, 2009

The Bassmaster Elite Marshalls Program

This season was the first year the Bassmaster Elite Series eliminated co-anglers and instead replaced them with "Marshalls". This is great, you still get to ride along with a pro and learn all of his tricks for only $100....but, there is one fishing. The Marshalls are there just to ride and observe, whereas a co-angler does all of this but is also fishing. Co-Anglers have the chance to compete against other co-anglers and win money in the process. I was immediately against this decision, but some people really enjoy it. I know I could not fish all day without making a cast, no matter what I was learning.

Again, it's not for everybody. This week Bassmaster sent me an email about registering for the tournaments as a marshall. For just $100, you get to ride along and see the Pro's in their element. If you are interested you can check out the link here.

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