September 29, 2009

The Best Flipping Hook on the Market

A few days ago I talked about choosing a flipping weight. Now that you have some picked out it's time to get that big hook. I started using the Reaction Innovations B.M.F. (Bad Mother Flippin') hook last year and loved it. It's perfect: a strong Gamakastu sharp hook with a welded eye to keep that braided line from slipping out on hooksets. The problem is that this bait is impossible to find and looks as if Reaction Innovations has stopped making it.

Recently a California based company Pay Check Baits, which also makes a sweet punching skirt came out with the Punch Hooks, which seem to be exactly like my favorite BMF hooks. Alot of people like to use the snell knot to increase their hookup percentage, but I have been doing fine with a palomar. I also like to use the shrink wrap tube that you heat in place on the hook shank. It seems to hold my baits perfectly everytime.
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