September 20, 2009

BFL Kissimmee River

I just got back from the final BFL Everglades Division event on the Kissimmee River. I was 22nd in points heading into the event so the pressure was pretty much off for qualifying for next months regional on Lake Seminole; catch a fish and your in. I have come really close to getting a check on this chain, of lakes but always seem to come up a little short. This weekend I finally did it.

Day 1 started off great. I drew a boater who said he was on alot of fish. He told me in the morning that if I don't get a limit, I "should think about taking up golf ". That made me feel pretty confident about his areas, but also put a little pressure on me. Golf is just not the same as bass fishing. We launched at 7 and by 8 we both had limits. drivers and putters for me. We were carolina riggging the edges of cattails and the fish were everywhere you casted. I had a four small keepers to go with a 4 pounder. I ended up culling a several times throughout the day and was feeling pretty good. At the end of the day we started flipping and I lost a 4+ lb fish. That one really hurt. I ended the day with 11 pounds even and finished the day in 5th place. That meant I got to fish another day.

My day 2 partner had a good Day 1 and caught all his fish flipping kissimmee grass. He told me at the meeting "I hope you like flippin, because that's what were gonna be doing all day tommorow". That filled me with a mix of thoughts. One, it was going to be hard fishing behind someone like that all day, and also that I would have a great chance for some big fish and a win.

Day 2 started off slow for me. My partner caught an 8 pounder right away and then caught one every hour or so to finish with around 17 pounds. I struggled all day and finally caught a keeper around noon. I was happy to catch that fish and at least secure a visit to the stage at Wal-Mart.

I ended up dropping down to 11th place, but still got a check. I also moved up into 16th place for the final points standings. Fishing as a co-angler is a great experience. I fished the same body of water two days in a row, and yet we did something totally different each day. You learn so much from these guys. Can't wait for Lake Seminole!
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