September 21, 2009

Reflections From a Co-Angler

A day after my BFL tournament I have come to realize a few things. Even though I didn't finish as well as I wanted to yesterday it was still a great learning experience. Often when people fish as co-anglers in events they are so focused on winning and doing well that they forget to learn. I was humbled yesterday with one small keeper, but the knowledge I learned was worth more than the first place prize.

It would have been easy for me to think that my boater was just "back seating" me, making it hard for me to fish. But really I was being schooled on boat positioning, bait presentation and gear for flipping. Tournaments on the Kissimmee Chain are almost always won by flipping, and until now I have never seen how the good fisherman do well here.

Next year I hope to be fishing from the front of the boat and you can bet I will have a flippin' stick in hand during these events. How else can you catch such big fish so consistently in Florida?

If I can offer one piece of advice for co-anglers, it would be to fish hard and learn!
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