October 26, 2009

BFL Regional Lake Seminole - Day 2

I was sitting in 12th place going into day two and was feeling pretty good about my chances to make the All-American again. I drew a guy from Tennessee who was in 8th place after Day 1. He caught a limit and so did his co-angler. I think they were the only pair that both caught limits on the first day. It was that tough. He was running up the Flint River to fish for Shoal Bass. I had heard about these fish before and was dying to catch one. They are basically only found in this river. I was smart and brought every jig I owned before I left Fort Myers.

We started out pretty early, in Boat 21 so we were first up there. The day before he didn't see another boat all day. But we had company right away. Five or Six boats decided to join us up there. My partner was frustrated but we kept fishing hard.

It was around 9:00 before I caught the first fish, a 14 inch Shoal Bass on a black and blue jig. I kept fishing the current, eddys and little seams in the river flow. It reminded me alot of fishing for smallmouth and walleye in Washington, just alot muddier. I caught another one about 10:30 a 2.5lb Spotted Bass! Now I was feeling good. We fished hard all day and I missed one on a jig and a small one on a drop shot. I don't know if they were keepers, but it would have been great to find out. I ended up losing about 10 jigs in those rocks and trees, but it was worth it.

I ended the day with two fish for 3lbs 11oz and dropped down to 19th overall. My boater never caught one that day, so I felt pretty good about my day. I brought home a check and caught my first Shoal Bass in one day. I can't wait to fish for them again. It was fun!
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