October 3, 2009

Five Ounces

Five Ounces? Yeah that's how much I missed the cut by today. I fished the BFL Gator Division on the Kissimmee Chain and had a great time. I weighed in 8lbs 2oz, which would have made the cut two weeks ago on this same chain of lakes. I did the best I could and even culled two times in the last hour to get to that weight.

In practice I like to try alot of different things. I think this is really important when your fishing as a co-angler. I caught quite a few fish on the new Snag Proof Phat Frog in the Chronic color, that thing is sweet! I also caught them on speed worms, skinny dippers and the Accent Lures Koza Shad lipless crankbait. After yesterday, I felt pretty good about the tournament.

I drew a nice guy who said he was on some pretty good fish. I felt pretty good about my chances since he was in an area that you can throw a frog or a skinny dipper. I caught three right away on the skinny dipper and then things slowed down. I caught one here and there, but at around noon I only had about 6 pounds.

At around 2:00 I started flipping a sweet beaver. I caught two around two pounds to replace some 12 inchers. Then disaster struck with five minutes to go before we headed in....

I flipped in and felt that thunk...set the hook and it was on! All you could see was thrashing and splashing in the kissimmee grass. I looked down and my line was caught around my reel handle, looked back up and saw the huge fish getting into the grass. Then my line snapped, 65lb braided line, like it was nothing. I saw this fish and know it was at least six pounds plus. I was sick...and just sat there not knowing what to do. I guess that's fishing...

I missed the cut, but my prefish partner ended up with 21 pounds and was leading the Boater side. He gets to fish tommorow, but I don't.
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