October 18, 2009

Lake Istokpoga Club Tournament

I just finished unpacking from my club tournament today on Lake Istokpoga. I can describe it in two words..cold and windy. As I mentioned yesterday, we had a pretty big drop in temperature here in Florida. Today started off in the 50's and never got above 75. I know some of you "up north" are thinking "so what". But down here that's cold. I must have gotten used to the heat and became a wimp since I moved here from Washington. The fishing was just tough for me today.

We fished hard all day in great looking water. Lily pads, hydrilla, pepper grass, reeds and docks. We fished it all. My partner for the day caught a small keeper early in the morning and that was it. I must have had Georgia on my mind (I'm headed to Lake Seminole Tuesday), because I didn't have a fish at two o'clock. I missed a few small ones on a frog, but they just weren't eating the bait. I decided I was going to flip the last hour and finally caught one at 2:21. I felt like screaming "NEVER GIVE UP!" but decided to just keep fishing hard. My fish weighed 1.8 pounds and came on a sweet beaver. I was just happy to have one. This lake is a three fish limit, and the winner had 10.45 pounds, so he had some good quality fish. Now I can focus all my thoughts on Lake Seminole and winning that boat.
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