October 7, 2009

Lamiglas Excel Bass Rods

Last week I got my first chance to fish with the new Excel Bass Rods by Lamiglas. My first "good" bass rod was a Lamiglas and I have been fishing them for years. I saw these at a tackle show a few months ago and was immediately impressed. Not only are they functional and light, but they are also priced right. They feature split grips and no foregrip. Bassin' on a budget was my immediate thought. You can buy two of these for the cost of one of my other rods (they retail for $99-109), but they don't fish like a rod in this price range.

It was hard for me to just pick two, but I ordered the XL 702S spinning rod and the XL 735C baitcast rod. The 702S is a great rod for drop shot and shaky head fishing. The 735C is designed for small swimbaits and frogs, but I spent most of the time flipping with it. It's light enough and powerful enough to fish 1 oz weights and heavy braided line. I didn't have much time to fish the spinning rod since I was fishing heavy cover most of the time. It will get some use later this fall when I head to some of the deeper, more finesse lakes for my tournaments.

I think Lamiglas definitely has a winner here and I plan to add several more to my collection.

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