October 6, 2009

Gambler's KO Hangover Skirt

A few months ago I heard about the new Punch Skirt made by Paycheck Baits out of California. It is a cool ringed skirt that slides on the line via a hard skirt collar. You rig it between the weight and hook. I think its a great idea, and allows for better hooksets than the traditional jig, espescially when you tie a snell knot to the hook.

As with all successful baits, it doesn't take long for competition to come out and improve on the design. One of these new baits is called the KO Hangover Skirt by Gambler. I saw this skirt in person last week on the Kissimmee Chain for the BFL Gator Division tournament. The guy who showed me the bait ended up finishing in 3rd place....obviously this thing works. It's a great idea and is another technique I have added to my flippin' arsenal.
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