November 9, 2009

Lake Okeechobee Day 2

Day Two of the Federation Nation event on Okeechobee was just like Day One...windy and lots of little fish. As I mentioned Saturday, I drew the leader of the tournament for Day Two. He had almost 15 pounds the first day in just a few hours before his boat started having troubles. He was able to borrow a boat before he fished with me, but the fish definitely changed overnight. We drove a long ways in some pretty rough water and got to the spot and we were all alone. Right away he knew things we going to be different. Saturday he got a limit in fifteen minutes, Sunday it took almost two hours for him to get his first fish. We left the main lake around 1:30 and started heading back to the rim canal that surrounds the better part of this big lake.

He had three fish before we entered the rim ditch and was stressed about getting a limit. At 2:00 I caught a small keeper on a Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm in Junebug with red flake, the same bait he caught his leading weight on Saturday. I was fishing it a little slower and dragging it, where he was reeling it slowly back to the boat. He came through in the clutch and caught two keepers in the last hour to ensure he would still make the state team. At 3:08, my last cast of the day...a crazy thing happened...I caught a fish. This wasn't just a small keeper either. I caught one close to four pounds on the speed worm. This fish would have probably won the tournament for my partner, but it bit my worm instead. I still can't believe it happened, with just seven minutes to go before we checked in. Another reason to "Never give up!"
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