January 15, 2010

Bass are like people

I might sound crazy, but I like to think of bass like people.  I recently read a post on a forum and someone asked if the fish have moved deeper or stayed shallow.  I think bass for the most part stay in the same environments their whole life.  Some bass, like people, never leave the general area they are born.  Some travel quite a bit, and move from place to place.  Some stay in the same general area, but move from time to time. 

Of course, I have no scientific evidence to support any of this, but this is how I like to think of bass.  Fish that you catch really deep are probably the fish that spawn the deepest.  Some bass will live shallow, spawn shallow, and die shallow.  Just like some people live their entire lives in a city, some bass will stay in populated areas.  Some bass are more rural and live amongst fewer bass.  

What do you think?  Am I crazy for thinking like this?
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