January 14, 2010

Bassmaster Southern Open Day 1 - FLW Flippin' to B.A.S.S.?

A familiar Okeechobee winner, J.T. Kenney leads Day 1 with 15lbs 13oz.  He caught his fish flipping heavy cover.  It looks like my predictions on weights are going to be low as the cold weather is definitely kept weights down.  I think I did pretty good on picking Terry Scroggins, Bobby and Chris Lane as they are all in the top 16.

The interesting thing to me was seeing alot of big name FLW Tour Pros fishing the event.  Could it be some of them are looking to qualify for the Elites next year after the recent chaos of the FLW Tour?  Michael Bennett, Luke Clausen, Ott Defoe, Greg Pugh, Scott Canterbury, Koby Kreiger and several others.  All of these guys were fishing for an FLW Team last year and are all here.  Early season warm-up or looking to jump ship, you decide. 
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