January 17, 2010

1st Place Today: Making Adjustments

Yesterday if you would have told me I would have won today using topwater I would have said you were crazy.  I prefished yesterday and caught some fish on a drop-shot fishing very slow around lily pads.  We are following a massive cold front that won't go away and it was very windy all weekend.  Not your ideal fishing conditions for January in Florida.  After yesterday I was prepared to fish slow all day with my spinning rod and hope to catch a few fish.  But today I followed the clues the fish were giving me and made a change.

It started this morning when we were moving quickly across the cove and we saw fish busting everywhere.  I wasn't sure if they were bass or not, but cast anyways and caught one on my drop-shot as soon as it hit the water.  After that I picked up my Lucky Craft Gunfish, a bait I have never caught a fish on, and started catching a few fish.  They stopped busting the shad, but I still caught them all day in the choppy water. I also caught a few on a jerkbait, but the topwater was the key.  It went against everything people say about topwater fishing: it has to be warm, it has to be calm and it's best in the morning. 

I ended the day with 11.27 pounds and had the big bass at 2.97 pounds.  It turned out to be a very tough day for the rest of the club as 2nd place was 9 pounds and after that it dropped all the way down to 2 pounds.   Everyone was shocked to find out I caught my fish on topwater on a day like today. I went against common thinking and followed what the fish gave me and it worked.
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