January 2, 2010

Bass Fishing 2010

Happy New Year everyone!  2010 is off to a great start.  We went fishing yesterday morning to see who could catch the first fish of the year.  It was a cool , overcast morning and the fish were pretty active in our favorite little canal.  Once the front moved in and the temperatures dropped, the fishing definitely slowed down.  We fished for close to two hours. Tanya was catching her fish on a black trick worm fished weightless.  She was targeting the small clumps of lily pads and matted grass.  I was fishing with a Zoom Fluke in the Mardi Gras color.  I was fishing it pretty slow, much like a senko.  The trick was to let it fall on a slack line.  You could see the line jump every time one picked it up. 

Final Score Tanya 5 - Tyler 4 
(but I did catch the first bass of the year)

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