January 18, 2010

Bed Fishing: Is it unethical?

The weather was really nice this morning so we went fishing at our favorite local canal.  As soon as we got there. I noticed the bass were bedding everywhere.  It seemed like they had just made their beds because they were very easy to catch.  I stood on the bank and caught three seperate bass without moving my feet.  I saw some really big females lurking deeper, and managed to catch one nice four pounder.  Tanya was reluctant to fish for them and even went as far as calling it cheating because it was so easy for me.

This made me think some and wonder if it really is unethical.  These bass are in plain sight just trying to do their job.  Sure they usually go right back to the bed, but it leaves their nest empty and unguarded.  I have heard this argument before and people seem to be pretty divided.  But just because you don't see the fish on a bed doesn't mean they aren't bed fish.  Bass often bed deep and out of the way.  What do you think, is it really unethical?
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