March 3, 2010

Beating the Sunset

Just a few hours ago I was driving home from work stuck in rush hour traffic and talking to my fiance Tanya.  She told me a package had arrived, I knew it was some new baits so I rushed home passing cars and running lights so I could make it in time to fish before the sun went down.  I got my order of Sasquatch Spooky Flukes in the custom "Mardi Gras" color, watermelon with purple and gold flakes.  It was a miracle they even arrived as my mailman is in my bass club and always threatens to take my packages.  I changed, ripped open the box and was fishing within minutes.  I lost one on my third cast and caught this bass a few minutes later.  I was fishing it a little deeper and had it rigged with a watermelon colored 3/16oz Tru-Tungsten worm weight.  I like to peg these weights with a sinker stop from Bass Pro Shops.  I think this color is going to work great on the lakes around here.  Check out Sasquatch Soft Plastics for your next tackle order.  Derek will make any color you want custom!  You don't see that from the big companies.
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