March 4, 2010

Update: Lazer Trokar Hooks

I have been using the Trokar hooks for about a month  now and have some mixed feelings on the new hooks from Eagle Claw.  I just saw a comment on my post from last month and the reader asked "How did the hooks perform?".  Like I said, I have mixed feelings.  My first experience with them was unbelievable when I was fishing Lake Istokpoga in a club tournament here in Florida.  I was using a 4/0 with a Senko and caught fish all day.  That wasn't the big story, the hookups were.  I had a few fish that were hooked so good it was almost hard to get the hook out.  These scary sharp hooks were penetrating even the hardest parts of the mouths.  I had to get pliers a few times.  This is a testament to how sharp these surgical grade hooks are.

The downside has been the durability.  I have heard from some that they stay sharp forever, but have also heard about the brittle points.  I have a few of these $2 hooks still sitting in my box with bent points.  I'm not big on sharpening hooks, but I will give it a try so save these hooks.  Has anyone else tried them yet?

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