February 4, 2010

Finally Got Some Lazer Trokar Hooks

Well I finally ordered some Trokar hooks, just got them in the mail today.  I was a little skeptical of these due to the huge amount of hype Eagle Claw created at ICAST this year.  I have been pretty brand loyal (as they say in marketing classes) to Gamakatsu for years.  But after hearing some positive things from people I know, I had to get some.  The price is pretty steep at $9.99 for just five of them, but I hear they are worth every penny.  These things are scary sharp.  I kept reading how they are surgically precise suture needles.  That sounded pretty cool to me.  My friends say the best part about these hooks is that they last for a long time and don't seem to get dull like other brands.  This weekend I'll be fishing a club tournament on Lake Istokopoga and you can bet I'll have them tied on...please god don't let me lose one of these $2 hooks.
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