April 3, 2010

The Legend of the Pupfish

I was just looking through one of my topwater boxes and saw one of my prized baits, a baby bass colored Pupfish.  I have caught so many fish on this bait it's not even funny.  Why is it that some of the bass baits end up being discontinued and then years later they have a cult following?  One such bait is the Pupfish which was made by STI Lures in the 90's. Do a google search on the Pupfish and you will be shocked at the following and prices these baits are now getting on ebay.  Here is one going starting at $125...for a used bait! The eight inch versions are killers on monster bass and stripers and sometimes sell for $250.  The company is now out of business, but I'm sure if they came back they would do well.  The thing that kills me is these baits were made in my hometown of Las Vegas when I was still living there.  I should have picked up a bunch of them and kept them until now.  Oh well,  at least I still have one.  Now the question is: should I use it or keep it as a collector's item?
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