May 4, 2010

Oil Spill Effects on Bass Fishing

I have been following the news of the gulf oil spill like many fisherman and am saddened by what happened, but up until now I haven't really thought of the effects it will have on bass fishing. I noticed on that BASS is "keeping a close eye on events surrounding the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill. 'We're definitely monitoring the situation,' said a BASS communications official. 'In fact, (BASS conservation director) Chris Horton is in Washington, D.C. today, where this will be the topic of discussion. As of right now, it doesn’t look like the majority of the bass waters for the Classic will be impacted, but we can’t rule out anything and we will continue to monitor."  This is big news for bass fisherman everywhere, whether they live in the gulf states or not.  I live in Florida and know it will affect some of the coastal waters I sometimes fish, but it even has the possibility of reaching inland waters.  If the oil slick does as some scientists predict, and moves with the current up along the East coast, it could easily enter bass fishing waters such as the St. John's River.

The Armchair Anglers blog is all over the coverage of this event, and even has a post showing how the area that Iaconelli won the 2003 Classic (Think "Never Give Up!") is in serious danger.  

The news of the oil spill was really sad for me, but now with the potential to affect bass fishing makes it even worse.  I hope they hurry up and find a solution. 

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