June 28, 2010

2010 U.S. Open Preview - Check out this great video

The U.S. Open has long been seen as one of the premier bass tournaments in the country.  It is held by WONBASS on the tough and challenging Lake Mead in Nevada.  I love this event as I fished it twice as an AAA (Co-Angler) when I was younger and living in Las Vegas.  It features a great cash prize and always brings out the best anglers in the West.  In the early years of the open, the event was held in the middle of the summer and proved to be a true mental and physical test for the fisherman.  July is hot everywhere in the country, but in the scorching heat of the desert outside of Las Vegas, this event is brutal.  They changed the event to September (still brutally hot) for years and it's now back to July.  Right after ICAST, this event promises to bring even more big names.  

Some of the Pros fishing include Western legends Mike Folkestad (three time winner), Gary Dobyns (defending champion), and Tim Klinger as well as Elite Series Pros Aaron Martens (two time winner), Gary Klein, Dean Rojas, Byron Velvick (two time winner), Fred Roumbanis, John Murray and even Mr. Rick Clunn (two time winner).  In addition to the big names, all of the local sticks who fish this lake year round will be out there to test their skills and patience on this fishery.  Look for low weights, mechanical breakdowns and heatstroke to be common themes for this event.  My blogger friend Tami Curtis did a great promo video about the event.  Check it out!

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