June 22, 2010

Crankin' Soft Plastics

This year, I've been doing really well on an Ultravibe Speedworm.  It's a unique soft plastic in that you can fish it on the bottom like a traditional worm, or slowly reel it in.  The tail action works great and it gets bit just like a spinnerbait or swim jig does.  Tommy Biffle was doing something similar this week when he won the Ft. Gibson Elite Series event.  He was fishing a Gene Larew Biffle Bug on a hinged football head and slowly reeling it on the bottom like a crankbait.  In the Bassfan article, he says it was a homemade jig head but it looks pretty close to one of my favorite jig heads, the Accent Lures Scooter Jig.  Same concept.  The weighted portion of the jighead is hinged and swings freely from the hook.  The action is killer and it "scoots" side to side. 
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