June 21, 2010

Backstabber Lures: A Cool Name and Unique Product

If  you've ever read my blog, you have probably noticed that I am always looking at the newest and most unique fishing lures that come on the market.  I love seeing the new baits...I'd even go as far as to say I'm almost obsessed with it.  One new concept that just caught my attention is Backstabber Lures

The Backstabber concept seems different because the rear treble hook is in a normal position, but the second trailer hook is on the back of the bait, hence the name.  I was just watching the video and they point out that it comes through cover better and hooks more fish.  They have also included another idea that has become a trend lately, the rotating treble hooks.  The hooks and split ring are on a swivel system which allows the hooks to stay hooked up in a fish.  

The baits come in a lipless crankbait, a shallow diving square billed crankbait and a deep diver.  The colors and quality look great after looking at the website. 

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