June 1, 2010

Product Review: The Death Shimmer Spinnerbait

I have been mentioning the Death Shimmer quite a bit lately and it's for pretty good reason.  This is a revolutionary change to one of the oldest fish catching baits; the spinnerbait.  Anyone who has ever fished for bass probably has a huge collection of these shiny, skirted, bass catchers.  They work everywhere in the country, but the design has changed little if any over the last 50's years.  Rich at Law Lures created a new idea to make the age old spinnerbait have more action and vibration than any other spinnerbait on the market.  The company and the idea are brand new, but I think you will be hearing alot more about them this year.

When I first saw a picture of this bait, I had a feeling they were on to something, and after fishing the bait this weekend I know it's true.  The bait is kind of a mix between a spinnerbait and chatterbait because of the vibration this thing puts out.  Bass everywhere have seen every make and model of spinnerbaits ever made, something a little different goes a long way in fooling wary bass.  I fished this bait hard all day in perfect spinnerbait conditions (wind, rain, overcast, and even lightning) and it worked very well.  I was using a 1/2 oz model in white with a single willow leaf blade.  I was alternating between a Pepper Spinnerbait and could feel the difference immediately.  

A spinnerbait works year round and in all of the lakes I fish, so I am glad to have found a new trick up my sleeve that will be something fish haven't seen. 

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