July 6, 2010

Norie's "Skinny Colors"

I was reading the other day about a new bait concept by Norio Tanabe, the Japanese bass fisherman who has designed a few baits in the past.  He fished for a while over here in America on the Bassmaster Trail and even won an event here on the trail in the 90's.  I am a big fan of his bait made by Kinami Baits called the Nories Bug, it was a cool creature bait, almost like a cross between a craw, a brushhog and a beaver.  Unfortunately, it is no longer made, but I still have a few and remember how great it works on beds.

Norio now has another unique concept, its called "the Nories Faint Series'  Wired2Fish.com says it "is getting rave reviews from anglers across the globe with its high tech paint schemes. It was called 'skinny colors'. The aim was to make the lure look skinnier in the water. This was done by making the top and bottom of the lure clear and only painting the sides of the lure." This is a totally new idea, making a clear bait look smaller.  I think its a unique idea and is something that might work under pressure.  You can see all of his new baits at his website here.
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