July 21, 2010

Update: WON Bass U.S. Open Cheater

It's official, the name I had been hearing has come out.  Mike Hart of of Winnetka, Calif. "has been banned for life from all WON Bass tournaments."  They say WON Bass is pressing charges and I am glad they are.  I have been reading about this incident on westernbass.com in the forums, and it seems like this guy has been a dominating force in SoCal at the team tournament level.  He has been winning events for years, kind of makes you wonder about all of those "wins". Check out the forum discussion of the incident here.  I still can't believe something like this has happened and I feel bad for all of the AAA's (co-anglers) that fished with this guy in the event as their weight also won't count.  Really a sad day for all of bass fishing.
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