July 21, 2010

A Cheater Caught in the U.S. Open!?!

Word from WON Bass is that a well known Southern California Pro fishing the U.S. Open on Lake Mead was caught cheating today.  Here is the news from the blog "We just busted a cheater. A Southern California angler was caught with lead weights in the bellies of his fish. They were found the second day during cleaning of the dead fish (they are all donated to charity) and he had the gall to try it again today."  The blog can be seen here

I have done some research on the forums and they have said who it was, but until it is official, I am not going to call anyone out.  This just makes me sick and I can't believe it happened. in an event like this.  This gives the entire sport of bass fishing a bad name.  I hope they take full legal action here.  

On a positive note, it looks like Clifford Pirch of Arizona has claimed his second Open title.  Good job Cliff!  The results are still unofficial, but it looks like Rick Clunn ended up in 3rd and fellow Elite Series Pro John Murray was 9th. 
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