August 20, 2010

Bassmaster Northern Open Day Two

Photo: Larry Towell

Today was Day 2 of the Bassmaster Northern Open on the Detroit River (and Erie and St. Clair). These guys caught some serious smallmouth today. I badly want to fish up there. The leader has over 47 pounds for his best ten fish. Almost a five pound average is awesome, especially when they are smallies. The field is stacked with a bunch of Elite Series guys (Jeremy Starks 11th, Kevin Short 23rd, Randy Howell 26th, Jason Quinn 29th, Timmy Horton 43rd, Ish 46th, Gerald Swindle 50th...and many more). Alot of FLW names are also fishing (Art Ferguson 4th, Chip Harrison 13th, Brent Ehrler 36th, David Walker 37th, Nate Wellman 39th). I am impressed with the quality of the smallmouths, I wish I was out there in the waves catching these fish. My buddy James Castillo finished 66th, ahead of guys like Fred Roumbanis, Chris Lane, Scott Rook and Forrest Wood Cup winner Kevin Hawk. Good job James!
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