August 17, 2010

Snag Proof Open Guntersville 268 Boats!

If you don't know, Snag Proof puts on several fun events each year where you can only fish with their frogs...all day...nothing else. The Snag Proof Opens are held in the summer during prime froggin' months. They hold one at The Delta in California, Guntersville, and now Leech Lake (MN) and the Potomac River. The Guntersville event was last weekend and drew 268 boats vying for the Bass Cat Boat.

Here is an interview with the winners Elite Series Pro Chris Lane and James Smith. also has this video with some great footage of the weigh-in.

The remaining two events are:
August 28th: Leech Lake, MN
September 18th: Potomac River

If you are in one of those areas, check it out. Don't forget your frogs!
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