August 17, 2010

The Ribbon Hinge Worm in Action

A few days ago I mentioned the new Ribbon Hinge worm by Power Team Lures. I got a chance to fish with it this week and really liked it. The first thing I noticed about these baits was the smell of garlic. I opened my mailbox on a hot day and smelled the baits right away. They were sealed in a bag and packed in a box and I still smelled them. I don't always apply scent to my baits because I want to keep the baits in the water as long as possible. I'm a big fan of baits with the scent already on.

The worm itself is great. It's ten inches long and much thicker than some of my other big worms, this is a big profile bait that demands attention. Since it is not a true ribbontail, it actually has hinges throughout the tail of the bait. When I was reeling it in, the tail rippled back in and when stopped, the big tail rose up. I was fishing it on a 5/0 offset worm hook with a 3/16oz Eco Pro Tungsten weight. It was the perfect setup and I caught some bass fishing it close to small boulders in the river I was fishing.

I liked fishing this worm and hope the rest of the baits they put out are as good as this one. I'll be doing a review of some of the creature baits once I get over to those big bass in Lake Okeechobee.
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