October 27, 2010

Bassmaster Classic Qualification Changes - My Thoughts

BASS announced this week some major changes in the way anglers can qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.  In short, it allows fishermen at both the Elite and Open level to qualify for the Classic after winning just one single event.  I wasn't really going to post anything about my thoughts, but after reading the Bassfan article about the Pro's reactions, I thought I would chime in.  I really don't like the new format.  I feel like it gives those who win a free pass, while those who are consistent all year don't get rewarded for their consistency.  My thoughts are shared by several Pros in the Bassfan piece. I guess I have been looking at it from my perspective.  I strive to be as consistent as possible and do well in alot of tournaments, yet I don't win very much, but since I'm not even fishing the Opens or Elites, I can't complain.  Bassfan crunched the numbers and saw that at the Elite level, the qualifiers would basically be the same people.  The Opens are a different story, as only one who made the classic also won an event.  I think this really plays into the hands of the local guys. I guess we will have to see what changes this brings.  Bass Blogger Rich Lindgren also posted his thoughts yesterday.  Check them out here. What do you think of the new format?
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