October 28, 2010

First Look - XPoint Hooks

Last week I talked about how I'm going to give the Trokar hooks another chance (only because they were half off). Unfortunately I haven't been able to really test them due to lack of fish catching (Thanks Lake Seminole). After I posted them, my Twitter buddy Chris Foley @flippin_foley sent me a message and said I have to try XPoint Hooks. I had heard of the brand, mostly from years ago when they offered a bounty prize for a world record caught on their hooks. I have never used them, but got a chance to test them out a little this weekend in my backyard canal. I caught several small fish on a Ultravibe Speedworm with them and now I'm becoming a believer. These things are super sharp thanks to their "four micro cutting edges". The website claims they are "seven times sharper" than other hooks. Even two times sharper if good for me, seven times is awesome. I also really liked the ones I tried out, they were the XGAP HD, and like the HD implies, they are heavy duty. Think about giving them a try next time your at your tackle store. Thanks again Chris!
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