October 20, 2010

Choosing a Hook for Soft Plastic Toads

I just read a post on Bass Pundit's blog where he compares various types of hooks used for fishing soft plastic frogs like the Stanley Ribbit and Zoom Horny Toad. He makes some great points about the benefits and problems with several different types of hooks. Like he says in the post, I love the Stanley Double Take Ribbit Hook. It works perfect for the Ribbit. I tried the Gambler Double Trouble Hook, but it didn't fit my Ribbits right, it was made for the Gambler Cane Toad.

Even though I love the added benefits of the two hooks, I still use regular single hooks like the Moaner Hooks Stroker Hooks. These things are built well and super sharp.

Like Bass Pundit was saying, some hooks are better than others and you need to experiment with what works for you and also what brand frog you like to throw.
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