October 15, 2010

"Fun Fishing"

When people say they are "fun fishing", doesn't that kind of go without saying?  Isn't fishing always fun?  I just think it's funny, but anyways, tomorrow I will be doing a little fun fishing.  Fishing when I'm not in a tournament is something I haven't been doing much this year unless you count chasing the bass around in my backyard canal.  

I'm headed to a canal system not far from my house to fish with a co-worker.  Should be a fun day of fishing without the pressure to get a limit, find a kicker fish, and then trying to cull all day.  I think I'm a little ruined after all of my tournament fishing, because even when I am "fun fishing", I am a machine trying to catch more and bigger fish.  Tomorrow will be a great day of weather and a fun day of fishing.
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