October 14, 2010

Going to Give the Trokar Hooks Another Shot

I tried to Trokar Hooks earlier this year and wasn't totally won over, but I'm going to give them another shot.  I was in a local tackle store today and found out the store is going out of business and everything is 50% off.  I picked up two packs of Trokars for my Speedworms, ($5 is much better than $10).  I got the HD Worm Style is 2/0 and 3/0.  I liked how sharp these hooks were, there is no denying they are the sharpest thing around, but it was just the problem with the hook points rolling over.  I needed hooks anyways, so it was worth a shot.  I'll keep you posted. 

I also picked up a Sebile Flatt Shad 54.  It's a sweet looking little bait, and at half off it was looking even better.  I'll be using it soon and hope it also lives up to the hype.  
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