November 5, 2010

Eco Pro Tungsten is Blowin' Up

Eco Pro Tungsten Weights
Even though the EPA just denied the ban on lead fishing tackle, I'm still sticking with my tungsten worm weights. Switching to fluorocarbon and using only tungsten weights has been the best thing I have done to help my fishing in the last few years. I have tried all of the major brands of tungsten weights and have become a huge fan of Eco Pro Tungsten Weights after using them for the last few months. They are much cheaper in price but not in quality. They fish just as good if not better than the leading brands.

Until a few months ago they were relatively unknown. The small company is doing some big things lately and promises to be the leader in tungsten. They just added industry veteran Tim Norman as President, signed on as an advertiser on and are close to being available at I expect for them to continue this rapid growth and make a name for themselves. Check out the weights, you will be impressed.
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