November 30, 2010

Never Stop Learning

I posted this on the blog this weekend and wanted to share it in case you missed it. Check out the Basseast Blog and of course, both are great places to see what's new in bass fishing.

We all have a certain technique or style that we seem to fall back on when things are tough. I’m sure you all can name a few techniques that you feel you do really well. Think of the pros and what they are known for; KVD for reaction baits, Denny Brauer for flippin’, Shaw Grigsby for sight fishing, and Dean Rojas for frog fishing. These are just a few examples I think of. Of course these guys do more, but these techniques have paved the way for their success.

I have always been told that the key to being a good angler is to be well rounded. As a Co-Angler, I have learned how to adapt to just about every style and condition that can be presented in bass fishing. I think this has helped me in my tournaments, but I am always looking to refine and get better. For me, my strengths are finesse fishing and anything topwater. I know when the fish are eating a drop-shot or a topwater I’ll do just fine. I also know I can catch them flipping and punching, but I am still learning the intricacies of the techniques and improving every time I go out.

Some advice I was given years ago was to do what you do best, but don’t write off what you are still learning. Fish your strengths, but never stop learning.

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